Monday, November 1, 2010

A lil bout us... Day One of November Blogging!

1. What kind on insulin management mode do you use?MDI, for right now.
2. How often do you inject/change pump sites?Bryson gets injections at every meal, and bedtime.
3. What type (s) of insulin do you use?We use Humalog for mealtimes and Lantus for nighttime
4. What are your basal settings ?  7 units at night.5. What are your correction factors ?For every 50 about 300 is .5 except bedtime.
6. What are your meal ratios ?1:25 for all meals but bedtime snack then its 1:50
7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?I monitor like crazy and have been giving him a larger than 15 carb snack beforehand. Not too large..but about 20 carbs..usually peanut butter crackers.
8. How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods?We find if we limit the amount of "difficult" foods, it doesn't make his BG go crazy.
 9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?We write everything in a log that we got from the hospital. It's has a frog on it and fits perfectly in his bag.
10. What's your A1c?Dx (Sept '10) - 11.3


  1. His ratios sound similar to Joe's...Joe is 7 too. Except Joe's breakfast is 1:15 (I just had to back off again today as he has been running low). The rest of the day he is a 1:26 or a 1:30. So cool to see another 7 year old boy's settings. Is Bryson active? Joe sure is...that is where we run into massive issues...trying to "accommodate" for activity.

    Thanks for the naked pancreas post!

  2. Yes Bryson is very active as well! I cant believe how many times we will go low from him being so active. We may wind up changing Bryson's ratio in the morning as well. I'm seeing quite a few lows around 10ish in the mornings..but only at school. It doesnt happen on the weekends very often.