Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh what a day..

What a Friday!

Had lots of stuff going on at school and It had already been a super long day. My phone rings, its Bryson. "Mom, I'm uh out of test strips and our class is getting ready to go to P.E". Crap! I look in my extra supply bag in my purse. Oh no, I had exchanged his strip container for mine while out of town for Halloween (which I still need to post about..doh!). Oh no! What to do?  Hubby is at work over a hour away.  Get hold of a good friend, they have a key and can get in my house to get strips. They bring them to us at school. Hmm...this box looks different though? CVS messed up our test strip order. SO after all that trouble, I still cant check him.  Clock out and check him out of school knowing I had to be back in 15 minutes. Run to the closest store that sale them & paid FULL PRICE! Oh just lovely!

SO today, Saturday, I'm off to argue with CVS about the ole..500...wrong strips I was given. No little butterflies on these :(  Hoping they will easily swap them out for us.

I need to look into a mail order company where I can get 3 months supply..our insurance company doesn't have any preference and will approve anywhere.


  1. there are a TON of mail order pharmacies. It is easier just to order every couple months rather than think about it every month. I am all about anything I can do to free up brain space.

  2. Yeppers, me too on the mail order!!! We do 3 month supplies at a time. It totally helps, although it does give me a false sense of security...hence my UPS Man post the other day...where we are running on pump supply fumes for real.

    Have a great w/e.

  3. Hi! I'm happy to have found you...and you have my way cool button! I'm so blushing with happiness right now. :)

    I have kids running out of test strips WAY too often. I guess one of the benefits of having multiple diabetics in the same school, is they can borrow supplies from each other. And don't even get me started on Pharmacies. I haven't found a good one around here yet. :(

    Glad I found you! I am now an offical follower of super awesome Bryson's Blog!