Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As lucky as I have been to find great online resources such as , juvenation, and tons of great blogs..I still have this alone feeling at times. I tell people my struggles, like Monday night and this glazed over look comes over their faces. They just don't get it.  The struggle to be the perfect pancreas. When our numbers take a roller coaster ride it consumes our brain. I constantly think of numbers, insulin, carbs..  sometimes I wish our area had a local support group. I have yet to find one. This is something I've been praying about for us. Just to have people who understand. I really try to not bore my friends and coworkers with all the details of "D"and how it affects us..but I cant help it. It is constantly in my brain.

Thank goodness that as much of a part of Bryson's life it is, it never seems to bother his interaction with other kids. He doesn't mention it and neither do they.  They discuss Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Fineas and Ferb, SillyBandz, etc..but diabetes rarely creeps in his conversations. Isn't the simplicity of friendships in kids awesome??


  1. It sure is. Joe is much the doesn't creep into his daily discussions much. He did mention today that he would like a cure from Santa. WTF? He almost never talks about it, so this took me by surprise.

    I know how you feel...I felt like that for a long, long, long time. I did not discover the D-OC until 3 1/2 years into Joe's diagnosis. I am definitely happier b/c of it. It is such a great place to make friends, connect, gain knowledge, and support one another.

    Hang in there. I "get" you.

  2. Thanks so much Reyna..It's so nice to have my "online friends" that understand. I just dont think people realize how 24/7 diabetes is. It's not do a shot, and dont think about it again till the next mealtime. I hope they never have to understand, but it just makes me feel like I live in a completely different universe sometimes. They dont understand me, and in less than two months..I have forgotten how it is to not worry (well as much :) Moms always worry!).

  3. No one can understand unless they live it...which, thankfully, most people don't. I wouldn't wish this on my worst of enemies. Smiles.

  4. You are never alone even if it feels that way at times. I have been there myself... I think I talked about it in a post the other day(??)

    (((Big hugs)))