Monday, November 29, 2010

JDRF walks

So I'm looking into getting our walking team ready, and well...I have no clue where to start! I'm trying to come up with a cute team name and all that fun stuff. How do you decide on how much money to raise?

I just have no clue where to start, so if you have any advice please help!!!


  1. I would give yourself a very practical number to shoot for, and then blow it out of the water!

    As for the name...that is a tricky one!
    Bryson's Battlers?

    It took me FOREVER to find a name we liked! Good luck! And PS A letter writing campaign has always been super successful for us!

  2. Bryson's Brigade
    Banding together for a cure!

    Peace-Love-Cure Bryson!

    I suck at this :)

  3. I like Bryson's Battlers...then we could do camo shirts and he would be in heaven! I was looking into going the camo route or trying to incorporate Diary of a Wimpy Kid..he loves loves those books.