Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd day and I've already missed a day..oops

Well yesterday was kind of a wild day. We had a teacher workday and the boys stayed with my Sister in law. This was the first time she had given him a shot. We were both a nervous wreck, but we made it through...and hopefully I made it off the bad list at work, lol. I have missed so many days with doctor appointments and I really needed to work this workday. The teacher I work with and I got alot accomplished so that was nice. Plus mom got to grab lunch out with the girls..woot!!

Monday night when I did our usual 3:00am check...Bryson was low..not terribly but 66. Drank one of those handy little 15 carb liquid sugar boxes..Thanks JuicyJuice! 15 minutes later..74...hmm.. drink another..he's too sleepy to chew starburst or tablets...wait another 15 minutes... 90! Yay! Finally about 80!  I let him go back to sleep, and I lay and toss and turn and worry till the clock goes off at 5:00 for Josh to get up and go to work. I tell him to check Bryson and I nod off for another 45 minutes of sleep.   I cant wait to get a CGM!  I'm so scared he is going to go too low at night and I'm not going to catch it. This is one of my biggest fears. And from reading other blogs, I'm not alone in this fear...which makes me sad too. 

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  1. You are never the fears...and in the pancreating daily! We are all in this shit box together...and yes, I know it isn't all bad, after my last couple of weeks I am in a bit of a d funk I have to say.