Sunday, October 31, 2010


November 14th is World Diabetes Day. This month I am participating in the NaBloPoMo...National blog posting month. My goal is to blog everyday in November. Because November is Diabetes month, most everything will deal with D in some way.

The fact many people dont know about National Diabetes month is really sad. We have everything under the sun painted PINK for October, breast cancer month and nothing light blue or grey for Diabetes. I hate that so many people are affected by Breast Cancer, and I'm not making light of the situation at just that so many people are focused on just one cause and the others are forgotten. I found this and wanted to share it:

I know at the end it mentions Type 2. I hate the fact that "Diabetes" is type one and two lumped together. The two can not be compared fairly . I get so tired of hearing why cant Bryson just take a pill (type 2 can), does he have diabetes because he ate too much junk food or overweight?(Not the only cause of Type 2..but more directed at type 2). The two do share some of the same complications.. kidney failure, blindness, stroke, amputation and even death..but they are not always treated the same..

(I dont mean anything negative by comparing this to cancer. I have family members with cancer, have lost family with cancer..I dont mean to take away from the seriousness of it at all.)

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