Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brain Overload

Our second day was what I like to call "Brain Overload". We learnt how to draw up insulin, how to give it, what areas to give it, how to check blood sugars, what the numbers meant, how to see the signs of hypo and hyper, how to count carbs, carb ratios, how to give Glucagon if he passes out or if hes not able to eat or drink, it was seriously so much information and all so important. I never thought I could give anyone a shot, especially my own son. But when you realize that small dose of insulin is saving his can do it!!

Thank goodness Josh was able to help me process all this information too. I can remember looking at each other after that day and just thinking that we hoped each other got what the other might not have. Thank goodness for a review the next day and a massive amount of educational materials and books for at home. I have since poured into reading them all and researching things online. But of course, I will never learn it all or feel like I have learned enough.

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