Monday, March 21, 2011

Another New Experience

Well last Saturday night we had another new experience. The Stomach Bug. New, you might ask? Sure, we have had plenty of stomach viruses come through our family..but this is the first since the big "D".

Holy Large Keytones and low blood sugars! A  16 or so hour stay and lots of fluids and Zofran and glucose drips and on the way home we go! That was an experience  I hope we don't have again for a while.

We have an Endo appt in the morning, so hopefully I'll have a good update to give soon!

Our walk is also in 2 weeks and we still havent met our personal goals for fundraising, but we are excited about the experience!


  1. Bummer on the Bug...Good luck with the Walk!

  2. hope your appt goes well.

    sorry to hear about the stomach bug. weve not gotten high ketones and low blood sugars at the same time ... yet, thank goodness.